Have you ever gone through the anxiety of losing your pet? At Caring Hands Animal Hospital we hope you don’t have to!

To aid in your lost pet’s quick return, we offer microchip implantation. These devices are completely safe and medical-grade. They are placed under your pets skin via a quick injection, and will emit a unique identification code when scanned with a microchip scanner.

All animal control facilities, municipal shelters, city pounds, and veterinary offices will immediately scan any lost pets for an identifying microchip on intake. The device is no bigger than a grain of rice and has been responsible for returning countless animals to their rightful homes.

Are you and your family world-travelers? Many international locations require the imported animals to have microchip identification, and our hospitals remain current on the latest international standards to ensure that our microchip brand will be accepted at your destination.

The most important step when microchipping your pet, is to register your information. It is equally important to keep this up to date with any changes in phone number, address, or other contact information.

Without this information being kept up to date, the microchip can become useless and make it difficult for your lost pet to make it’s way back home.

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