Hi! My name is Tilly. I am a Rat Terrier mix and I love to travel with my mom, Marinda. I have a new feature on my favorite animal hospital’s blog, where I will be sharing tips from my travels for my fellow canine comrades who also love to explore the world. Here we go!

I am ready to report on my latest trip!  This is my 3rd time visiting Rehoboth, Dewey, and Bethany Beaches.


I love the beach, especially the sand.  I don’t care for the water because the waves scare me.  My terrier instincts really come out when I dig holes in the sand!  Be sure to check online for when dogs are allowed on the beach!

Rehoboth Beach:
It’s really nice! It has a boardwalk with shops, and a shopping area next to the boardw

Dewey Beach (2 miles South of Rehoboth Beach): 
There is no boardwalk or shops in Dewey Beach.  Dogs are required to get a 3-day weekend, 8-day or a lifetime Dewey Beach dog licenses. The lifetime is $35.00, or $50.00 if ordering on iDewey.  My mom ordered a lifetime license last year.

Bethany Beach (10 miles South of Dewey Beach): 
My mom and I really liked Bethany Beach the most.  5 paw rating!


I prefer to walk around and explore, but my mom loves to shop … so I oblige.  Delaware doesn’t have a sales tax, so I guess that means more treat money for me!

Tanger Outlets:
If you like to shop, the Tanger Outlets is the place for you. This outlet is divided into 3 sections, and you’ll have to drive from one section to another.  Just like any Premium Outlets and Tanger Outlets, the stores are very similar. If you are an AAA member, you can get the $5 coupon book for free from Customer Service at the outlet. Check the Tanger Outlet to see if you have a status that entitles you to a free coupon book. If you plan on shopping, invest $5 in the coupon book.  You will definitely get your money back.  My mom let me walk myself into the stores she knew were pet-friendly.  For the other stores she just carried me in her arms.

Concord Pet Food and Supplies:
Concord is a hybrid pet store that is very similar to Pet Supplies Plus.  It carries average to mid-quality products that can be found at Petsmart and Petco, as well as some premium products that can be found at pet specialty stores like Wylie Wagg and Whole Pet Central.  I had fun poking around and smelling everything.  Mom even got me a special treat!


John Dickinson Mansion and Plantation:
The grounds are pet friendly, and it’s free.  It is very small and can be covered in about an hour. They do have a tour that includes a video presentation and a tour of the mansion, but I wasn’t allowed to do that, so mom and I skipped it.

Lavender Fields at Warrington Manor:
When we were there, the lavender bushes range from very small to large.  There were many types of lavender bushes, and they all smelled differently to me.  Mom said the lavender bushes bloom in June, so I am sure they will be even better in a few months!  The grounds are small, and you can cover it in about 20-30 minutes.  There is a little lavender gift shop that sells some products made with the lavender from the farm (like jam and honey – yum!).  Dogs are allowed on the grounds and in the gift shop.  There is no fee to walk the grounds. There is also a store selling glass garden decoration such as stained glass, but we didn’t venture in.

Hopkins Farm Creamery:
A few miles from the Lavender Fields is this creamery.  Mom says they have gluten free ice cream, but I don’t know what that means.  My favorite part was seeing the cows.  I wanted to get closer and say hello!  The prices are very reasonable, and mom thought the ice cream is delicious (I was too tired to have a taste.)  Overall, it’s a must visit!

Dawn’s Country Market:
Not too far from the Creamery and the Lavender Fields is the country market.  It has a petting zoo with chickens, goats, ducks, etc.  All the farm animals loved me!  They watched me the whole time.  My favorite part of the country market was getting to meet some bunnies!  Mom let me meet a baby bunny, but I got shy.
It is a very small farm.  The owner told my mom that they also rescue some of the farm animals that other people can no longer care for.  There is a little shop that sells grass-fed meat and other products.

Tilly’s Travel Photos:

Tilly's Travels - My sister & ITilly's Travels - Toes in the sandTilly's Travels - Moo!

Tilly-Stingray-01Tilly's Travels - Shop Til You Drop!Tilly's Travels - Sand bath!

Tilly's Travels - Hi bunny!Tilly's Travels - Sleepy LavenderTilly's Travels - Model Pose