Canine Pet of the Month- Clarendon

Popcorn Davidson 11 month old Golden Retriever    How did you obtain your pet? Popcorn was born in Milton, Delaware. My parents decided to get a puppy and the mom had a very large litter so I decided to get Popcorn. My parents have her sister, Olive. What is your pet’s favorite pastime? Chewing on sticks [...]

Pet of the Month- Bristow

Captain Jack   “Jack”  AND  Jordy Salter Jack is adventurous, curious, has no fear,  and is a bit cheeky; hence his namesake “Captain Jack Sparrow” What breed is your pet?  Both are Golden Retrievers.  ½ brothers.  (Same momma) How did you obtain your pet?   Breeder How old is your pet? Jack:  9 weeks old Jordy: 2 [...]

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