Pet of the Week - Stanley & Chester McDonough-01

Stanley & Chester McDonough – Bedlington Terriers

How did you obtain your pets?

Stanley is from a breeder in Vienna, VA and we rescued Chester from the Fauquier SPCA in November 2015 after he was picked up as a stray.

How old are your pets?

Stanley is four years old and we think Chester is around 11 or 12 years old.

What are your pets’ favorite pasttimes? 

Stanley loves to chase the squirrels and rabbits in our neighborhood, bark at the outdoor cat that hangs out at the end of our driveway, and go hiking. In his old age, Chester’s days revolve around meal times. If they aren’t doing any of those things, they’re napping.

What are your pets’ favorite toys?

Because Chester barely has any teeth left, his favorite toy tends to be the nearest sock. He shakes it around, throws it, and then sprints back to his bed to take a nap. Stanley’s favorite toy is a squeaky chicken.

What is  your favorite thing about your pets?

My favorite thing about Stanley is how he loves to cuddle and is the best lap warmer. My favorite thing about Chester is how he loves food as much as I do.

If your pets had a super power, what would they be? 

Stanley’s super power would be super speed and Chester’s would be the ability to fall asleep anywhere and every where.

Why do your pets love Caring Hands Animal Hospital? 

They love CHAH because of how much everyone here loves THEM!  They live for cuddles from all the CCS ladies and assistants throughout the day when they come to work with me and the doctors take amazing care of them on the rare occasion they aren’t feeling so great.