Employee of the Month - Samantha Winter

Samantha WinterCHAH Alexandria

Where are you originally from?

I was born in Flint, Michigan- but grew up in Texas and Colorado! Now as a military family- we get to call so many different places HOME!

What are your favorite hobbies/activities?

The truth is my hobbies include anything that has to do with crafts! I call myself a scrapbooker, a beader, and a crafter in general.
My husband and I really enjoy traveling as well; we have a long bucket list of places we want to explore.
My vice is books though; I will close up for a whole weekend and read the days away!

Name a few favorite books/music/movies:

My favorite books: Harry Potter series, anything by Nora Roberts or Nicholas Sparks, and I’m a big fan of crime thrillers.
Music I jam to: I am an 80’s music fanatic!!!
Movies: I’m a John Hughes fan- 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink, Home Alone, Weird Science, and I can’t forget the two classics; Grease and Dirty Dancing.

Favorite sports teams or icons:

This is a sore subject in our household- I’m a COWBOYS fan through and through… and my husband is a Greenbay fan, football season is always fun in our house!
I enjoy watching hockey as well, and I am always rooting for the Detroit Red Wings!

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

If I could have any superpower… I’d have to say I’d want “healing powers”. Maybe it would be an electric stare, or some sort of power in my hands, or mind power to send healing thoughts.

What special skills do you have?

I like to think my singing skills are superb and when they are coupled with my stellar dance skills- the combination is dangerously awesome! Actually, my singing is terrible and my dance moves aren’t too great either….but I can usually get a smile out of people, I have a serious love for all animals.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

If I could use three words to describe myself- I would use: caring, fun, and dedicated.

Why do you love working at Caring Hands?

We have a super amazing staff ya’ll! I’m so lucky to work with such great people every day- and when you combine that with getting to see adorable pets- it is ridiculously awesome to work at Caring Hands!!! No really, there’s so much love and care in what Caring Hands does for their clients and pets, and it’s such an honor to say I’m a part of that!

What’s something about you that most people don’t know?

SECRET about Sam… I am a fraternal twin- I have a twin BROTHER! When we were in school- it was always funny to see people’s reactions when we told them we were twins. They don’t see the similarities and then all of the sudden they start to notice our nose, ears, or chin. Growing up, we were trouble makers and we still cause a bit of a ruckus when we get together… playing pranks, or laughing the night away when people are trying to sleep, even an intense game on the XBOX.