Employee of the Month - Stephanie Cain






Stephanie Cain – CHAH Ashburn

Where are you originally from?
I’ve lived in Virginia almost all of my life, but I was born in San Antonio, Texas.

What are your favorite hobbies/activities?
I love working out, cooking, and just plain relaxing.  I do enjoy playing tennis recreationally, when it isn’t snowing constantly!

Name a few favorite books/music/movies:
I love the author Sarah Desen, so really any of her books are good.  I also love Wicked and I have started Game of Thrones, but haven’t finished the series.  I love action movies and one of my absolute favorite is Man on Fire.  I listen to pretty much any type of music and recently have gotten more into country.

Favorite sports teams or icons:
I like the Redskins since I grew up in a home with an avid fan and I like the Oakland Raiders because their fans are pretty awesome… even if the team isn’t so good.

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?
My superpowers would be the ability to talk to animals because I am always curious as to what exactly they are thinking and I think it would be pretty awesome for them to be able to tell you exactly what was wrong so you could fix whatever the issue is more easily.  Also, I would want to fly mostly because its faster travel and I wouldn’t have to pay for gas or airline tickets.

What special skills do you have?
I can wiggle my ears!

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Humorous, caring, and reliable.

Why do you love working at Caring Hands?
I love the fact that the clients are so interactive in this practice.  Meaning, we do most of the treatments in front of the clients so they know exactly what is going on and we incorporate them into whatever we can to benefit them and their pets.

What’s something about you that most people don’t know?
Most people don’t know that I used to play piano and absolutely loved it, even if I acted like I didn’t when I was younger.  I stopped playing once my teacher moved out of state because she was like my grandmother.  I would love to play again, but I have sadly forgotten most of my teachings.