Harley WestgateYorkshire Terrier

How did you obtain your pet?

I saw a picture of him in the Washington Post online classified ads. He was a just a tiny puppy, and he was in a basket with a big daisy next to him. It was adorable! So I had to contact the breeder immediately to make him a part of the family!

How old is your pet?

He will be 10 in May!

What is your pet’s favorite pastime?

Harley’s favorite pastime is being a watchdog! He enjoys looking out of the window where he can see everyone and everything.

What is your pet’s favorite toy?

His favorite toy is a teddy bear he got when he was just a puppy. It is his “baby!” If you ask him where his “baby” is he goes to get it immediately. He always has to have it!

What is your favorite thing about your pet?

My favorite thing about Harley is the fact that he always enjoys a good snuggle! He has to be right next to us and will nudge our hands until we scoop him up for a squeeze!

If your pet had a super power, what would it be?

If Harley had a super power it would probably be the ability to run super fast. That way he would actually be able to catch the squirrels, birds, and bunnies he enjoys chasing.

Why does your pet love Caring Hands Animal Hospital?

Harley loves Caring Hands Animal Hospital because they always check up on him after any visit! They call to make sure he’s feeling well, and doing okay! It makes him feel special, and that he is well cared for!