In December of 2009 a client called Caring Hands Animal Hospital of Bristow reporting she had found a stray dog on the side of a road. The dog appeared to have a broken leg/femur, was emaciated, and was possibly close to death. The client told the staff that the dog was shaking and she thought it was in shock, and she was concerned that he may not survive. The dog was brought in to Bristow that day, where it was surrendered as a stray. The staff of Bristow started supportive care and took radiographs which confirmed the malnourished 43lb dog did have a broken femur. The staff fell in love with the sweet brown dog they named Mulligan. Mulligan needed to have orthopedic surgery to repair his broken femur. The dedicated staff was able to raise the money needed to have the surgery done with the help of local rescue groups and generous clients. Mulligan survived the surgery and came out with a plate and 8 pins to help heal his injury.

Bristow staff members continued to treat Mulligan for his malnourishment and guided him through his physical therapy for his leg. Once he was mostly recovered from the surgery, an email was sent out to all Caring Hands employees to try to find Mulligan a forever home.

Our Arlington locations manager, Kate, was recovering from losing her beloved Great Dane of 13 years, and was ready to open her heart to another four-legged friend. Kate brought Mulligan home in January 2010 for a weekend to ensure things would work out, and he has been a part of her family ever since. Mulligan was renamed Bo, and is a loved and spoiled pup. He is now a healthy and happy 80lb dog which you would not have known was hanging on to his life just a few years prior. He loves playing in his backyard, sleeping on the sofa, eating, and making funny faces when mom takes pictures of him.