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Happy Thanksgiving from the Caring Hands family!  This time of year reminds us to pause and reflect on the year and all the amazing people and opportunities we have in our lives.  We are so grateful for the powerful gift of being able to provide care for our clients’ precious four-legged family members.  This opportunity brings light into our lives and joy into our hearts.

What are you grateful for?


I live with my parents, 16 year old brother, Chip; my chocolate lab, Heidi; and my cats, Turtle and Minna! I have lived here in Centreville since I was born. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my close family friends.  My family usually comes up for Thanksgiving but this year they can’t and all of our family friends have opened up there doors for us to come celebrate with them.  It makes me feel so loved and appreciated that my friends want me to spend thanksgiving with them and their families!

We Are Thankful Brianna Collage


This year I am thankful for being fortunate to spend Thanksgiving with my family.  It is the first year that I have a family of my own to spend it with.  I was blessed with a healthy baby boy in December and cannot wait for his first Thanksgiving!  I also know my beagle will be thankful for all the left over green beans!

 We Are Thankful - Nicole Wallace


I’m thankful for my healthy family! I am also very thankful for finding CHAH in a time when I needed a new work family. It’s been the best move for me and I love everyone I work with. It’s a great team out there in Bristow!!!!

We Are Thankful - Toni Hawkins