Puppy and

Kitten Care

Puppy and Kitten Care

Excited about the new addition to your family? We are too!


Our doctors and staff are ready to assist you to develop a personalized vaccination plan, based on the lifestyle and environment of your puppy or kitten. No matter what challenges your little one may bring you, our staff are trained to provide helpful tips for common issues like house-training, crating, and socialization, as well as help you with important medical decisions, such as spay/neuter, vaccines, and parasite prevention. With a wealth of handouts for you to take home and personal stories and tips for you at your visit, we’ll ensure that those first weeks with your new pet are filled with rewarding opportunities for you to bond.

Your first visit with us will give you an opportunity to begin an open dialogue so that we can understand what your family and your pet’s lifestyle will be.  From there, we will create your personalized vaccination plan.  Follow up visits scheduled every 4 weeks will allow you and your veterinarian to monitor your new puppy or new kitten’s growth and wellness in this very important stage of growth.  These visits also allow both our staff and you to form a bond with your pet as we provide care.

We also have special pricing for our spay or neuter packages.  Find out more here.

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