Pet insurance has been increasing in popularity recently, thanks in large part to the advances of veterinary science.  Vets today can offer treatments and procedures that were unheard of just a few years ago, such as radiation therapy, transplants, and MRIs.  However, these new treatments are not inexpensive; veterinary costs have risen over 70% in the past five years.

Pet health policies are similar to human insurance policies; most include annual premiums, deductibles, and various coverage based upon what the owner chooses.  Policy costs vary widely, depending on the animal and the different packages that the owner can choose.

Some companies offer comprehensive care, including such things as annual checkups and vaccinations, spaying/neutering, death benefits and even reimbursement for offering a reward for lost pets.  Other plans cover only accidents and illness.

Most plans also have co-pays and caps that limit how much will be paid out annually.

Items to be aware of and research before choosing a policy:

Pet Insurance Review offers reviews of different companies and the plans they offer.  They are not affiliated with any pet insurance company.  Please use the information to help determine what plans may be beneficial to you and your pet.  If you any additional questions, the representatives at each of the insurance companies are helpful and should be able to answer any questions you may have.

Caring Hands Animal Hospital is happy to help you complete insurance claim forms.  It is ideal for us to do this on the day services are provided, but can be done up to 30 days after a visit.  Ask any of our Client Care Specialists for more information.  As each policy is individualized, we will give the forms to you for final editing and submission to your insurance company.  You are welcome to use our fax machine for this purpose.

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