Lost & Found


If your pet is LOST, Caring Hands suggests:

Tip: Go to the shelter.  These busy facilities may not match you with your pet via a phone call. Going to the facility & asking to see all recently found pets is your best bet.

Prevention is the best medicine!  Make sure your pet is microchipped.  This permanent type of identification is highly successful in reuniting you with your pet.  A collar and ID tag can easily fall off when your pet is out and about.

Call us today to schedule an appointment for a microchip – these can be given during any wellness visit.  Find out more about microchipping here.

If you FIND a pet, Caring Hands suggests:

When handling a pet you are unfamiliar with, remember that any animal can carry zoonotic (able to be passed from animals to people) diseases, including rabies!  Always be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling the lost pet, and keep found pets separated from other pets in your home when possible.  This will help reduce the likelihood of your own pets contracting any disease or illnesses.

Fairfax County Animal Control: 703.691.2131
Prince William County Animal Control: 703.792.6465
Arlington Animal Control: 703.931.9241
Alexandria Animal Control: 703.746.4774

An ID tag will be the best tool – these usually have owner names and phone numbers, making it easy to get a pet home.  If the pet has a Rabies tag indicating the year they were vaccinated, you can call the phone number on that tag which will connect you to the animal hospital where the vaccine was given. Animal hospitals should be able to locate the patient in their database with the rabies tag number.

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