Pet of the Week- MJ Ginsburg










MJ Ginsburg – Catahoula/Pitbull Mix

How did you obtain your pet? 
We adopted MJ from the Animal Welfare League in Arlington in April 2011.  We’d been thinking of adding a second dog to our household to be a companion pet, if you will, to our older furbaby, Zozo.  We saw MJ’s picture on the AWLA website the night before she was available for adoption.  We immediately fell in love with her online profile picture showing a small, round puppy that’s mostly pink snout.  Her ears were tucked back against her head and she was looking right at the camera with her blue eyes.  We made an appointment to visit her and my husband (James) and I took off work the next day to see her at AWLA. A volunteer took us back to a puppy room (a small play room with a drain in the middle of the floor and toys safe for baby teeth).  The volunteer then brought in MJ, who was pulling at the leash so she could come say hello, doing that funny Pit Bull “I can’t bend my elbows” strut.  She wound between our legs like a cat, licking our shins and hands and anything her tongue could reach. James pulled a toy from a tub and they start to play tug.  I sat on the floor, and MJ left the toy and wiggled over to me.  Her rump was the perfect size to nook in my crossed legs.  She touched her nose to mine, she sniffed, and then peed all over my jeans.  I’d been marked.  She came home with us later that week!

How old is your pet? 
3.5 and very much a flirty, stubborn teenager.

What is your pet’s favorite pastime? 
Her answer would be sleeping and chasing squirrels.  I’d also like to add “hogging the couch” and “being stinky.”

What is your pet’s favorite toy?  
That’s a tough one, because she’s not really interested in toys unless Zozo is playing with something.  Then she wants whatever he has.  We do have a rubber ring that’s covered with fleece fringe—it’s called a Moppy—which made it through her teething time and remains a permanent crate fixture.  When we board them, it goes with her.

What is your favorite thing about your pet?
She loves everyone and she’s not afraid to meet new people or dogs.  I tend to be more reserved around strangers, but MJ forces me to say hello and try out new things.  She’s an ambassador for her breed, which means we’re often stopped because of her striking features, and we talk a LOT about Pits and Bull dog breed and bad raps, etc., etc.

If your pet had a super power, what would it be? 
Teleportation, definitely.  She’d end up on your lap, under a blanket, snuggled under pillows, outside pursuing woodland creatures… yep, definitely teleportation.

Why does your pet love Caring Hands Animal Hospital?  
She loves the staff and the loving attention she receives.  She’s a tough girl, but the staff showers her with praise, treats, and belly rubs.  People stop in to her exam room to say hello.  She’s “allowed” behind the front desk.  MJ thinks she’s a celebrity whenever we’re there.  Really, both of our dogs look forward to their visits to Caring Hands, which is how we’re certain they’re getting the best care.