Chester MooreGrey & Black Striped Tabby

How did you obtain your pet?

He was adopted at 6 months old from the Humane Society of Huron Valley in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

How old is your pet?

Chester is 18 years old.

What is your pet’s favorite pastime?

Laying close to or on me and lounging in the sun.

What is your pet’s favorite toy?

He loves his brush and “Brown Mouse” (yes it’s a brown mouse)

What is your favorite thing about your pet?

Chester greets me at the door every time I come home. He loves to be close to people and is a big ham, very social.

If your pet had a super power, what would it be?

He would shoot lasers form his amazing green eyes.

Why does your pet love Caring Hands Animal Hospital?

Everyone at Caring Hands treats him gently and not like “just another animal”. The staff takes their time with him to be sure he is comfortable and healthy. He has been going to Caring Hands since 2005.