Pet of the Week - Eloise Walker-01

Eloise WalkerBernese Mountain Dog

How did you obtain your pet?

After months and months of researching breeders, we adopted through a breeder in Pennsylvania, Joyce Dickhoff.

How old is your pet?

Eloise is 3 months old (13 weeks).

What is your pet’s favorite pastime?

She loves chewing on sticks when she goes for walks and giving hugs!

What is your pet’s favorite toy?

Eloise loves her purple rhino and big key ring to chew on!

What is your favorite thing about your pet?

Eloise is such a mellow puppy and so lovable to everyone she meets. We love how big and fluffy she is! Watching her grow is so much fun! She is full of adventure and has brought so much happiness to our family!

If your pet had a super power, what would it be?

The ability to fly. Eloise will sit on the couch with mom or dad and leap off onto her dog bed below so gracefully like she is trying to fly.

Why does your pet love Caring Hands Animal Hospital?

Eloise loves Caring Hands because everyone there is so friendly and excited to meet her! They are always gentle when examining her.  Oh and she loves the yummy treats she gets!