Name:  Moxie Street

Breed:   All American Mix

How did you obtain your pet ?

We adopted Mazie from Scooby Dew Rescue. She and her litter mates were found in Tennessee in a box on a highway . Fortunately her past does not define her future!  Moxie is full of life , love and mischief.

How old is your pet ?

Moxie is 11 weeks old

What is your pets favorite pastime?

Moxie loves to play with her golden Retriever sister Mazie

Favorite toy?

Her favorite toy is Lamb Chop the stuffed toy

What is your favorite thing about your pet ?

I love her spirit and zest for life

Her superpower?

Moxie’s super power would be speed

Why does your pet love Caring Hands?

We both love Caring Hands Animal Hospital because of the wonderful staff. I was one of the the first clients through the doors when it opened in Bristow and have been here ever since .