Porto Hall – Chihuahua Blend (possibly with Corgi and a type of terrier)

How did you obtain your pet?

From Matchdog Rescue in New Jersey.

How old is your pet?

2 years old.

What is your pet’s favorite pastime?

Playing “keep away.” He loves being chased while holding toys or a big stick!

What is your pet’s favorite toy?

Anything with a high-pitched squeak!

What is your favorite thing about your pet?

Porto’s a “talker” and has a wide range of voices. He also has a unique eye color.

If your pet had a superpower, what would it be?

Cuddling. He loves to burrow under blankets so he can be right in my lap!

Why does your pet love Caring Hands Animal Hospital?

The veterinarians and technicians are the most caring! Porto can get nervous easily, but their kindness helps keep him at ease. Plus they give him treats!