Rajah and Wheezy CarpenterEnglish Bulldogs

How did you obtain Rajah and Wheezy?

Rajah and Wheezy were both adopted as puppies. Rajah is from a Pet Store and Wheezy is from a local breeder.

What are their ages?

Rajah is 4 years old and Wheezy is 1 year old.

What are your pets’ favorite pastimes?

Rajah loves to snooze all day and night and Wheezy loves to play with toys all day and night!

What are your pets’ favorite toys?

Rajah loves ball-shaped toys and her dad’s hand, and Wheezy loves squeaky toys.

What is your favorite thing about each of your pets?

They are so happy and love to be loved, can’t imagine life without them.

If your pets had superpowers, what would they be?

Rajah would pick flying because walks are not her favorite.

Wheezy would have x-ray vision so he can find all people and dogs. He wants to say hi and get love from everyone he sees and meets.

Why do your pets love Caring Hands Animal Hospital?

Friendly and caring staff. They treat our pups with love on every visit.