Baco (pronounced “BAY-Co,” like the Baco’s bacon bits, because his coloring is similar to bacon)

Domestic shorthair

How did you obtain your pet?

Adopted from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington

How old is your pet?

12 years

What is your pet’s favorite pastime?

Baco loves watching and chattering at the birds that visit my balcony. He also enjoys sitting on any kind of paper that crinkles while watching his younger sibling play. Lately, since he has been recently diagnosed with small intestine lymphoma and is on meds, he also enjoys napping and eating whenever he can.

What is your pet’s favorite toy?

Any kind of paper that crinkles, especially brown packing paper, and Yeowww! catnip toys.

What is your favorite thing about your pet?

He has a strong purr-sonality and is also pretty smart!

If your pet had a superpower, what would it be?

Extraordinary hearing: The ability to hear cat food opening from long distances.

Why does your pet love Caring Hands Animal Hospital?

Baco enjoys his vet visits because everyone is so friendly, and he sometimes gets treats – which he loves! The staff are very good about explaining procedures in detail and taking time to answer all sorts of questions to help him live his best life.