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Our goal is to provide the best veterinary medicine to our patients through excellence in preventive medicine and surgery, and to care for our patients as if they were our own pets.

Employee of the Month

Stephanie Tudor – CHAH Bristow Where are you originally from? Born and raised right here in VA. What are your favorite hobbies/activities? I enjoy spending time with my family/friends/furbabies, anything at the beach, camping, gardening,


Pet of the Week

Eleanor & Penelope Skelnik – Beagle & Special Mix respectively! How did you obtain your pet? I adopted both dogs almost three months ago.  They were bonded and had to be adopted out together.  I wasn’t


A simple yellow ribbon can save lives

The Yellow Dog Project was started by Tara Palardy, a dog trainer in Canada, who got the idea from a group in Sweden. Her goal was to educate the public on identifying dogs that needed